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Gold crowns are the most conservative in terms of the alterations to the tooth, and gold is a very “mouth friendly” material. It requires the least amount of tooth structure to be removed, is very strong, and is a material that rarely fractures and is extremely “biocompatible” in the mouth as well as to the tooth. However, since the crown is gold this means it stands out from the surrounding white teeth making it a more suitable choice for molar teeth.

Restoring a tooth with a gold crown requires two visits to our office. The initial visit to remove decay, shape the tooth, and fit with a temporary crown made of either plastic or metal. At the second visit we will remove the temporary crown then fit and adjust the final crown. Once the dentist is satisfied with the fit we will cement the crown into place.

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“Excellent experience. Kind friendly and very professional. Everything explained in a clear manner. The practice is very modern and clean , and there was no wait for the scheduled appointment.”
Colin Y

“This is probably the best dental office I have ever gone to. The staff is very personable and I always feel welcome there. Every experience has been a pleasant one.”
Linda A

“Efficient and prompt. I was pleased that I was out well before originally estimated time due to the fact that the procedure was less time consuming than it might have been, had my tooth decay been farther advanced than it actually was.”
William M


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