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Direct Composite Bonding


This patient was dissatisfied with the esthetics of their front tooth. The patient had a history of fluorosis on the tooth causing an unaesthetic appearance. The defective tissue was removed and replaced it with composite material making for a more attractive smile.

Direct Composite Bonding

“Dr. Andy – After my appointment yesterday I left your office full of so much joy in the experience I had, I felt compelled to write to you to let you know. First of all, your staff is truly one of a kind. Every moment from the minute I walk in the door to the moment I leave I always feel acknowledged, cared for, and very at ease. Your office really has that old fashioned, warm-hearted, good neighbor service that is not so prevalent any more in businesses. Each time I have visited I’ve always felt so welcomed! But beyond that, the quality of care and treatment you yourself provide is second to none. Your expertise is really apparent and easy for a patient to put their trust in. You make me feel like no matter the situation, my teeth are in the best hands! Thank you so much for the work that you did on my front tooth, “number 8″. I went to an office party last night and could not stop smiling because of the confidence I felt having that spot FINALLY covered up! I truly look forward to visiting your office and spending time with your team. Y’all are the best!”

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What are people saying?

“Excellent experience. Kind friendly and very professional. Everything explained in a clear manner. The practice is very modern and clean , and there was no wait for the scheduled appointment.”
Colin Y

“This is probably the best dental office I have ever gone to. The staff is very personable and I always feel welcome there. Every experience has been a pleasant one.”
Linda A

“Efficient and prompt. I was pleased that I was out well before originally estimated time due to the fact that the procedure was less time consuming than it might have been, had my tooth decay been farther advanced than it actually was.”
William M


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