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Make Brushing Fun!

May 23, 2018

Do you ever find yourself having a difficult time coaxing your children into brushing their teeth not just once, but twice a day?! Are you finding it hard to keep them in one place for what in reality is a quick two minutes, but seems like an absolute eternity to them?

Below are some ideas on how to make brushing fun and interactive and get your child excited about this monotonous but vital every day task.

  • Routine, Routine, Routine

    It is very important to get your child in the habit of brushing twice on a daily basis. No matter what wrench has been thrown in your routine, always make it a priority to take the time to brush so that it also becomes a priority of your child’s.

  • Music, Videos or Brushing Apps

    Nowadays, most electric children’s toothbrushes come equipped with music that will play for the two minute duration and are a great way to get children motivated! If you prefer a manual toothbrush, do not hesitate to accompany your child and dance along to two minutes of one of their favorite songs.
    Brushing Apps are also a great motivator. Oral-B has a fantastic one called ‘Disney Magic Timer’. To “unlock the fun” so to speak, all of you need is a Crest or Oral-B Pro Health Stages or Jr. product. To find more information about this app visit their website at:
    There are also several other great app choices out there that do not require purchase of a specific brush, just a little searching. 🙂

  • Motivate Good Behavior with Rewards

    Keep it simple! Rewards given for good brushing habits do not have to be outrageous or lavish, but rather something small to keep your child motivated. For example picking out their favorite game to play or book to read.

Don’t forget that children learn from us and will pick up both our good and bad habits. If you make brushing a daily habit and priority to you, most likely this will be passed along to them. Happy Brushing!

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