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A bright smile always looks healthy and attractive. This can be accomplished with teeth whitening, a practical and convenient way to noticeably improve the appearance of your smile. At Williams Family Dentistry, we offer custom trays to whiten in the comfort of your own home.

When properly supervised by your dentist, at-home whitening is a safe and effective way to gradually whiten your teeth by several shades. The dentist begins by taking impressions of your teeth and creating customized trays for you. The trays are filled with a whitening gel at home and worn for one hour at a time. Typically, at-home treatments are applied daily for up to two weeks before optimum results are achieved. Where as the in-office only whitens the enamel of the tooth, the at-home reaches deep into the tooth and also helps with whitening of the dentin. This achieves a whiter and longer lasting whitening effect.

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What are people saying?

“Williams Family Dentistry is amazing! I’m absolutely terrified of dentists, but their caring staff ensures that my fears are acknowledged and assists me with finding ways to overcome them. They are the only dental office that I trust. They take great care of their patients and I will never go anywhere else.”
Andrea R

“I’ve seen multiple other dentists in town over the years and am so happy I switched to Williams Family Dentistry! Everyone who works there is so friendly and I feel like they are much more thorough than any other place I’ve been to before. Highly recommend!”
Suzy M

“Everyone at Williams Family Dentistry is very friendly and ready to help you in any way they can. Melanie is an amazing hygienist and I appreciate her skills and knowledge every time I am there. Dr. Shanna is a wonderful dentist. Her care and compassion for her patients is amazing. She is a great addition to a wonderful family of dentists.”
Renee J


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