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Some patients react to stress, anxiety or frustrations by grinding or clenching their teeth subconsciously during the day or, more commonly, while sleeping. Teeth grinding involves a sideways motion of the jaw that causes the surfaces of opposing teeth to rub together. Clenching occurs when your upper and lower teeth clamp together, and may noticeably happen at moments of stress causing muscle fatigue. The cumulative effect of teeth grinding and clenching can cause damage to tooth enamel, the outermost surface of your teeth that is the hardest material in the human body. But even enamel will succumb to bruxism after time. The constant pressure and motion can cause unusual wear to the biting surfaces of your teeth and in some cases even crack the teeth or cause harm to muscles and tissues in and around the jaw. This condition, known as bruxism, can be remedied with a nightguard.

A custom-fitted night guard is designed to be worn at night time during sleep. This oral appliance places a comfortable yet hard acrylic barrier between your upper and lower arches of teeth. A night guard does not cure bruxism, but it does absorb the force of the grinding and clenching that would otherwise damage your teeth.

If any of your teeth are showing symptoms of grinding or clenching you may be a candidate for a custom nightguard. With a nightguard you can spare your smile the detrimental harm of bruxism.

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